by Power Street Theatre Company

$10,000 in 7 days to support art and social change!

What does love mean to us?

Love is about priorities: the things we value, nurture, and keep closest to our hearts.  And, like any living thing, love requires generosity to thrive—otherwise it withers from neglect, losing its shape and color. 

This February, Power Street Theatre invites you to Spread the Love by joining us on our journey to use the performing arts to tell stories of positive social change, bringing together multicultural audiences and multigenerational communities for a celebration of our shared humanity. 

Love is collective power.

Love brings people together. As a young non-profit Power Street relies on all of us building together to thrive and grow. The time is now to show your love. By making a tax-deductible contribution you are the power in power street theatre. With your generous support we can grow, thrive, and bring the transformative power of live theater to communities throughout the city we love. 



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$10,000 GOAL

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